Chinese tech company Xiaomi has launched several products in recent times. We are not talking about smartphones. Products like Mi Trimmer, Mi LED Lamp and Mi TDS pen for water test separates Xiaomi from the smartphone brand. Now Xiaomi has launched Mi Flex Phone Grip and Stand in India.

It is the first grip on behalf of the company. This grip is designed for smartphones, so that the hands do not have a phone slip. The price of Mi Flex phone Grip is 149 rupees. These Mi Flex Phone grip and stand Xiaomi can be used only with any smartphones.

Mi Flex Smartphone Grip - Multifunctional Design

Mi Flex phone grip and stand is available in India. It has been brought in three color variants – Blue Black and Red. This grip can be bought from Shomei’s website and Mi Home Store. There is no flash Sale for this, i.e. you can buy it during the open Sale.

The Mi Flex Phone grip and stand design is multi-functional and while using it you can click selfie from the smartphone, watch the videos and even gaming. The phone will not be afraid to fall. For the past few years, such grips in India are in tremendous trends and often you will see people taking this grip behind the phone.

There are three adjustable levels in Mi Flex Phone Grip and Stand. Under this, users get different viewing angle options. The top of this grip is written by designed by Xiaomi. This Mi Flex phone is made from durable TPU matrix in grip and has been used in 3M adhesive.

Mi Flex Smartphone Grip - 3 adjustable levels

According to Xiaomi, Mi Flex comes with Phone Grip and Stand Matt Finish. The company has said that it can be used with all the smartphones.